Life Buddy Program

Sierra Delta has developed an innovative, effective and efficient way to provide training to our Military Veterans and their dogs.

Life Buddies

Limited Access Life Buddies are trained to a Veteran's specific needs and are not trained to go everywhere with a Veteran.

BJ Ganem and dog Sonora
BJ Ganem and Life Buddy Sonora

Sierra Delta acknowledges the growing need for programs that provide support to Veterans, regardless of branch or years of service, and physical or emotional needs. We want to do more. You do NOT need to have a disability or specific need to be paired with a dog through Sierra Delta.


While some Veterans opt for a traditional “Guide Dog”, many want a companion that is well-trained and meets their lifestyle. We work with rescue organizations or can assist you in working with your own young dog. Because, beyond physical assistance, Sierra Delta recognizes the need some Veterans have for a well-trained Life Buddy at home.


Veterans frequently report that dogs enrich their lives and ease the transition from military to civilian life. The unconditional love and loyalty a dog can provide, in the words of our Founder BJ Ganem, can be better than any medicine that a doctor can prescribe. Therefore, we are working hard to create a Veteran community of encouragement and support that is integral to our success.

How does it work?



If you are interested in a Life Buddy, please apply online.



We will create a custom training curriculum for you and your dog to re-establish the sense of team found in the military.



You will have access to community, care, and support through our Sierra Delta App powered by My Buddy's Place.

Help Veterans unite with trained service dogs by feeding yours! Get the same great pet products you already trust and give 5% back to the Sierra Delta Life Buddy Program.

My dog Zoë is an everyday reminder of how lucky I am to be alive. Her playful and adventurous spirit provides purpose and passion in my life and has taught me to appreciate the small things. I'm grateful for the companionship she provides as we navigate life together as a team. Whatever goals and challenges lay before me, my Life Buddy Zoë will be there at my side.

Staff Sergeant Jack Schumacher