Breezi Harrell

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Breezi is responsible for the design, promotion, and organization of programs and events. She is meticulous about the crafting and distribution of marketing materials. Breezi facilitates both the internal and external communications, including social media, of Sierra Delta to stay connected with partner providers and constituents.


Prior to her involvement with Sierra Delta, Breezi worked as the Marketing and Communications specialist for Holidays For Heroes. Driven by a passion for creative thinking and helping others, Breezi has held the titles of Head of Marketing for the TEDx University of St. Andrews conference and Marketing Director for Enactus St. Andrews. Both positions led to increased social awareness for communities around the world and a unique understanding of the power of innovative ideas.


Breezi received her Bachelor of Arts in Management from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland in 2016. In her spare time, Breezi is happiest when surrounded by books and is in a loyal relationship with coffee.