Our Mission

Sierra Delta is a Veteran Service Organization focused on providing all Military Veterans access to dog therapy suited for their lifestyle.

About Us

Sierra Delta is a Veteran Service Organization focused on providing all Military Veterans access to dog therapy suited for their lifestyle.

Why Sierra Delta?

Sierra is S and Delta is D in the NATO phonetic alphabet. For our mission, the S and D stand for “Service Dogs.” By utilizing the NATO letters, we are demonstrating our commitment to serving military Veterans.

Our Vision

We believe EVERY dog provides a service, and the reasons and purpose for obtaining a dog are individual and unique to each owner. The mission of Sierra Delta is to assist in pairing every American Military Veteran who could benefit from a dog with one that meets their individualized needs.

Our Philosophy

We are not a “service dog organization,” but rather a comprehensive Veteran-centric organization that thrives on utilizing a strengths-based approach to assist Veterans as they obtain their Guide Dog or Life Buddy and work to empower themselves. You do not need to have a disability or specific need to be paired with a dog through Sierra Delta.

An Unbiased Source Of Information

We draw upon our expertise and military background to teach Veterans about service dogs and the service dog industry. We provide one-on-one guidance to navigate the industry and recommend best-fit scenarios after we review an applicant's needs. Sierra Delta expedites the process of learning where to acquire a service dog and how to apply for one to help Veterans transition quickly and successfully from military to civilian life.

Connecting Service Dogs with Veterans

Sierra Delta case managers are experts in Veteran services and benefits on the local, state, and federal levels. We enlist partner organizations to help us serve Veterans to our highest ability. With our 11 Guide Dog Partner Providers, we have cultivated a network of nonprofit organizations with aligned missions of helping pair service dogs with Veterans. From the west coast to the east coast, Sierra Delta has been an advocate for working together to improve our assistance to Veterans.

A Lifetime Community of Support and Empowerment

Sierra Delta manages and executes pairings and training through strong corporate partnerships, cutting edge technology, and a talented and dedicated team passionate about empowering Veterans as they transition from military service to civilian life. All Veterans in our program join a community of encouragement and support. In the early phases of the application process, we place each individual in our Guide Dog or Life Buddy program. We provide the resources, tools, and guidance necessary to set each Veteran and dog on a path to success.

Our Programs

Guide Dog Program

Guide Dog Program

Full Access Guide Dogs are specifically trained to go everywhere with a Veteran, including places that do not allow dogs. Sierra Delta helps pair Veterans with Full Access Guide Dogs through partnerships with certified Guide Dog Partner Providers.

Life Buddy Program

Life Buddy Program

Limited Access Life Buddies are well-trained companions that meet each individual's needs. Sierra Delta recognizes the need many Veterans have for a well-trained Life Buddy at home. We often work with rescue organizations, and can even assist you in working with your own young dog.